Wildlife Preservation Issue of 1963 – Interesting Private Cover

The flora and fauna of Indian subcontinent has very few parallels in terms of diversity. The geographic spread of the subcontinent is such, that it encompasses all the possible habitats – from rain forests of the north east to the cold desert climate of extreme north, from the verdant western ghats to the lush and vast expanse of the southern India. We have it all.

The very first set of thematic stamps that celebrated this varied and wonderful wildlife was the “WILD LIFE PRESERVATION” issue of 1963.

I wanted to bring it to a philatelists attention that together with a beautiful set of 5 stamps, a FDC and a well designed information booklet there are various privately printed covers that were made by enthusiasts. While scouring through a particularly big listing on eBay I came across a variant for a private cover that in my opinion was exceptionally well printed.

WLP2 was what I saw in a collection offered for sale on eBay and is in my opinion a perfect commemorative cover for this beautiful and aesthetic issue.

Please do write to me in case you have more covers or other interesting information on this issue. The information would be published and correctly cited here (with a big thanks!)


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