Digital Philatelic Archive of India (DIPHARI) Upload#1

I have been meaning to do this for a long time and finally the opportunity and the time has presented itself. The simple idea is to make key philatelic literature pertaining to India and the States accessible online for a collector. I’m a firm believer of the fact that “knowledge sets apart a general collector from a specialist”, and these uploads are aimed at supporting this general collector for whom these journals, handbooks etc. are either prohibitively expensive or simply unavailable.

Without further ado I’m embedding two of the most important works that are the foundations of classic Indian philately, namely:

  • The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, Wrappers, Post Cards, and Telegraph Stamps of British India and Ceylon (Compiled and published by The Philatelic Society, London, 1892)
  • The Postage and Telegraph Stamps of British India (Published for The Philatelic Society of India by Stanley Gibbons, Ltd., London, 1907)
    • Part I Postage Stamps by L. L. R. Hausburg
    • Part II Telegraph Stamps by C. Stewart Wilson & C. S. F. Crofton

These two works together stand as the most authoritative account of the very advent of Indian philately and the in-depth study thereof. These are INDISPENSIBLE for anyone entering the hallowed waters of anything philatelic and pertaining to India.





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