Philately, WhatsApp and Indian Airlines flight IC 539

I discussed in my last post how mobile communication platforms are bringing in a marked change in the way philatelic material is bought, sold and displayed. It was a random discussion on Temporary P.O.’s in the WhatsApp group for India Study Circle that ended in my stumbling upon an interesting cover from the Polish Settlement camp in […]

Joint Issue – India & France 29th Nov 2003 | India & France 10th Apr 2015 (Work In Progress)

India and France have till date come out with two joint issues (for the definition of a “joint issue” please refer to the excellent resource: Defining a Joint Issue), making France the only country with which India has come out with a Joint Issue (JI for rest of the post) more than once. Commemorating the relationship […]

Jubilee Lines, Corner Embellishments and the like

Earlier issues from India, especially from 1947 to 1956, reminisce one of the Classic India issues (the Lithographs, Victoria, George and Edward reign issues) in terms of mirroring that ephemeral yet engaging detail on embellishments on stamps. The idea behind these patterns, designs and details was less about merely adding beautiful minutiae but more about […]

Covers Caught Cheap : India

While sifting through the material that dealers peddle on weekend meetings, at impromptu meetings outside the Delhi GPO or at private treaties of valuable stock, we (being a group of dedicated recently converted cover aficionados) noticed that each cover worth its while would cost a pretty penny (and some a fortune). A sort of Russian […]